Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good blood work

Yesterday I had a physical. I hadn't had one since June 2011. Obviously my weight was way up (I think it was around 197 last time, after having gained 13 lb). But everything else was good/normal.

Glucose is 92 - same as it was last time. I wish it were a little lower - is there anything you can do to lower your glucose reading? My mom, as tiny as she is, is pre-diabetic. I hope as I lose weight this number will drop, but due to genetics it may not.

My cholesterol was 157 - woo hoo! It had been in the 180s the last couple of times. I am not really surprised it is down - and last time came during the months of my husband being home and cooking very unhealthy. I can't remember what the other levels were, but the ratio was good.

Thyroid was good as well.

I do need to get a colonoscopy - I was told that 2 years ago, but I never did it. Both my parents have a history of polyps and are on the 3 year plan I think.

Since I didn't get my mammogram or Pap smear last year, I need to get those as well.

Of course, fairly quickly afte getting my blood taken I went to Five Guys for lunch. I had never been - one opened fairly near the doctor's which I stumbled upon and I was starving having fasted since the dinner before.

I didn't get up again this morning - Our schedule has just been so wonky this week. My daughter had a concert at school at 9:30 so we were able to get a late start. Hopefully tomorrow morning, or maybe even tonight if I am feeling up to it.

Did I mention that my 6:30 am meetings have been cancelled so I can resume my normal work out schedule next week - Yeah!

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