Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #14

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 228.2
Current Weight: 224.6
Change Since Last Week: -3.6
Total Change: -7.6
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Friday was a pretty good day depite the fact that I was working from home. I was 98% sure I wasn't going to be able to go to WW this morning, but I still wanted to eat like I was. I did pretty good job with that, though did have a couple extra snacks before heading out to get the kids and go to swimming (where I had a PB&J sandwich and a cheese/cracker snack). The kids went to bed at 8:30 and I was asleep by 9:40 (but then when my husband got home at 2:30 I felt like I had slept a whole night and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning).

I woke up at 6:50 and asked him what time he had to be at work - 10:00, which meant if I had known that last night I could have made the 7:00 meeting.

I am going to try my hardest to get back to 222.8 (at least) by next week. My post-TOM weigh-ins are usually pretty nice (though weirdly I have fantastic weigh-ins the day before TOM arrived...then once the cramps and bloating arrive, I weigh 5 lbs more).

A couple of years ago I embarked on a 52 week project of photographing our neighborhood every week (well, every week in the spring and fall when things change rapidly, and occasionally during the summer and winter) - Our old neighborhood was full of flowers and beauty. I decided I would do the same thing at this house, especially since we don't know what our house will look like in every season. I start on March 1 which is the beginning of meteorological spring. I took my first set yesterday and I felt so alive. But also a little bummed. I know our previous owners didn't like flowers, so I don't have much hope of getting beautiful pictures, but it will be a good exercise of what to add to the house for next spring.

Also the trees on our property aren't fantastic during the fall like some up the street, but I decided to not venture beyond our property for this project. Why you ask? I told my husband if I have the free-time (ie child-free) to venture off our property on foot, I want to be running, not meandering with a camera. He suggested I bring the camera with me (a big DSLR)- he doesn't get exercise :)

Here to it being "spring" - The time of year that makes me the most giddy of all!

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