Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another nighttime workout...

This one wasn't quite as successful. But I did it.

For bootcamp I had to take a fitness test - push ups (I did modified but need to get a mirror to see if I am even doing them correctly), crunches (okay, my kids (and all the belly fat) have killed my ability to do crunches), planks (same notes as push ups), jumping jacks. We do another fitness test in 4 weeks.

Then it was a work out - I was pretty tired - combination of work out last night, the fitness test, and not much sleep again last night. But I muddled through. I took some breaks, I toned down some of the exercises (I think I came out too strong). And the ab and planks - so sad. But all I can do is improve!

I was talking to a friend of mine who got me into running. I knew she had been having some IT band issues, but turns out she's having gall bladdar issues as well and may have to have it out :( Her friend (whom I have met) wants her to do the SHAPE Diva Dash in September. I think I may talk to her friend and sign up. I've got 6 months to train for it. I need something really far away to train for!

Up in the morning for W3D1 of C25K.

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